Frequently Asked Questions.


I want to participate in Bacon Fest!

All local restauranteurs and breweries are welcome to participate in Bacon Fest! Please contact us and we'll have a representative get back to you to discuss the details.


Will Bacon Fest have a vegetarian option?​

No.​ No. No. This is a day to celebrate bacon, which is made out of pork. Veggie Fest will have vegetarian options. The problem is, there isn't a Veggie Fest. By the way, we suggest not going outside today because the bacon gods (there's a group of them) are going to strike you down for just thinking about a vegetarian option.


Is Bacon Fest kid friendly?

We do believe you should introduce your children to bacon at a very young age, this is one fo those times where we allow the piglets to mingle with the hogs.  Mini human beings can attend this glorious event and Rawhide is the place with so much family activity available.  You can pick up a souvenir so one day they will know you never left them behind in order to fulfill your selfish bacon needs. Birng the kiddos!!!


Does my ticket to Bacon Fest include food and beer?

Absolutely. Bacon Fest is all inclusive. We want your hands filled throughout the entire day. Bacon in one hand. Beer in the other. It's hard to maintain a level of bacon-ness (we made that word up) when you have to reach for your wallet every couple of minutes. Yeah, we know what you're thinking. "They thought of everything!" We did.


How can I thank you for producing Bacon Fest?

We understand you want to express your gratitude as we are fulfilling your bacon dream. What we ask in return is that you attend and bring as many friends and family members as possible. Even your crazy uncle. We'll have security so if he gets out of hand we're covered. Oh, some posts on Facebook and Twitter would be nice.


Can I have my wedding at Bacon Fest?

If you're lucky enough to find a special someone who is willing to commit their entire life to you in front of the masses at Bacon Fest, contact us. Maybe we can make it happen. The King & Queen of Bacon Fest perhaps? Crazier things have happened.


Will there be clowns in attendance?

No, clowns are scary and this is no time to be frightened.